Monday, January 26, 2009

waiting room knits

Hmmmm.... from where am I taking this delightful picture of my latest knitting creation??
The pediatrician's office.
Here's a closer look.
Not any better, I know.
Now, you might be wondering why I would bother to go all the way to the pediatrician's to take a poor photo on my phone of the hat and mitts I made for my brother Pat, who is leaving for Europe and wanted to impress all those European girls with hand-made knits. Well, it was not quite intentional.
The boys have been sick since Christmas, but Finn got really sick with a high fever (104 degrees) over the weekend, so we popped in to the pediatrician's this morning. I had been quite remiss in my knitting obligations (those golden mitts were on the needles I needed and had to be finished before I could start Pat's) and with my deadline fast approaching (he leaves Wednesday) they needed to be done today. I ended up finishing them while we waited and drove straight to the post office after our appointment, and they should arrive tomorrow by 3pm. Finn apparently just has an awful virus, which I'm praying the other boys don't get, and I think his fever has finally broken. The poor baby is in my lap as I type, coughing and wiping his nose on my shirt. My boys are apparently allergic to tissues, only sleeves will do.
So Pat, get ready for the girls to swoon, and hopefully we'll be feeling a little better over here.

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Mod Girl said...

You're funny! Feel better soon Finn, and don't share your germs.