Tuesday, February 24, 2009

routine 1

I've been thinking a lot about our life and the little routines, traditions, and rituals we have. It occurred to me that while some these things may last for years in our little family, others are fleeting. So with that in mind, I feel inspired to try and capture some of these routines or traditions before they pass.
For the the few years we've lived here, Tuesday has been "library day". We had a nice little routine going, until we turned into bears for the Winter and decided to hibernate. Though Spring has shown us few signs that it plans to make an appearance, we decided to break from our hibernation, trudge through a little snow, jump back into our little routine and make our way to the library. It was good to get out. The boys were so happy to be there and fell right into step with our usual path to the baby books, then the bigger kid books, and then just a quick peruse for a mama book (very quick). And at the end of our visit, as I walked to the checkout counter, my arms full of baby and books, I mentally congratulated myself for going out with all the boys in the cold and getting back into our routine. My warm fuzzy soon ended as the librarian told me I owed a small fortune in library fines, and I couldn't check out a single book until I paid. John simultaneously decided that this would be a good time to sneak behind the librarian's desk and start flipping the light switches. Finn joined in the fun and spun the movie rack so fast that all the movies flew out all over the floor. I'm sure my face is still red.
Yep, can't wait for next Tuesday.


Mod Girl said...

Sounds like the typical for us when it comes to visiting the library. But, I still press on and we go regularly.

I love, love, love your idea of capturing the little routines. Yes, so many of them are fleeting but to sweet to forget.

Clutterchick said...

I try to think of my huge library fines as contributions to an establishment that I fully support. Maybe my fees will buy a weird, obscure book that changes someone's life. Or maybe just a replacement for the Maisy flap book that, after multiple "reads" by my daughter ends up held together with half a roll of clear packing tape.

Bridget said...

That's HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

Well, of course, not at the time. But that sounds exactly like something Paddy Boy would do.

Sorry. That was just too funny! You're the best!