Tuesday, March 17, 2009

babies and chairs

I'm finding the more mobile/the more Jamie wants to be mobile, the less time I'm having to do things non-Jamie related.

Jamie tired.

Jamie doing kung-fu on me cause I'm takin his picture while he's tired.

Jamie laughin cause he was just kidding.

We got these new chairs for Dan's library off craigslist for a total deal.

So ummm... yeah. That's all I got.


Mod Girl said...

What personality! What a cutie! Nice chairs, too.

annemcd said...

Oh, my goodness, you've got a scrumptious little baby!!

Kayleen said...

Haha! Kelly you make me laugh

Anna said...

That is one de-licious little guy. I can almost smell him ... in a good way.

(PS-Maybe a future in mixed martial arts? That looks like a very advanced move.)

Martina said...

I love your pictures. Your son must be really fun! Bst wishes from Rome (Italy)