Thursday, March 19, 2009

random things

1. No picture with today's post. Feels weird to post with no pic.
2. I just discovered the most awesome way to clean your hardwood floors - tea! And it smells so much nicer than chemically stuff. My floors look great.
3. My mom's in town. Thank goodness. Or thank mom.
4. Daniel's out of town. I am in no way thankful for that one.
5. I went to the chiropractor today. I am generally quite suspicious of these types of fellows. Voodoo doctors with their cracking and such. But I'm desperate with headaches and backaches galore.
6. We're having tortilla soup for dinner tonight.
7. I miss Daniel oodles and oodles. But I miss Daniel oodles and oodles when he simply goes into the city for work, so this isn't really something new. oy.

8. Yesterday I went around town wearing my big framed movie star sunglasses. Yeah, feelin' pretty cool. I just saved them from Jamie and realized there is refried beans on the frame - from Wednesday's quesadilla! Yeah, soooooo cool.


Lisa said...

Yeah, I've tried cleaning the floor with Earl grey and I think it's vinegar and water. It does make the floor shine and smell good. But recently I have invested in the Shark, the steam floor cleaning machine. It only uses Water and works great!
I really like the chiropractor, they have help me more then any doctor with my back problems, and I've had back problems since I was 18. I hope you find a good one.

father jim said...

That's what you get for trying to be cool. I think God was having fun with you. :)

mama turtle said...

THANK THANK THANK YOU for the direction to the queen of clean. I needed a good way to clean that's safer for the crawler and there is even a way to repair scratches! I am gonna have a floor day!

Mod Girl said...

Tea?! I'm going to remember this one... for when we FINALLY get hardwoods.

I hope your headaches and backaches go far, far away.

Kelly said...

Lisa, I'm glad you've had a good experience with chiropractors - it gives me hope :)

Fr. Jim, I think God is hilarious. If I was playing a joke on someone, putting refried beans on their sunglasses would be in my play book. He got me good ;)

Mama turtle, you are so welcome, and if you find something good for scratches, let me know.

Thank you MG. I hope these pains go far, far away too.