Friday, March 6, 2009

ritual 2 & a dress too small

Are you tired of seeing pictures of my coffee cups?

Daniel and I have a coffee ritual. We love waking up and having coffee together. So much so, that I get excited at night when I'm going to bed because I know the next morning we'll wake up and get to have coffee together. We have matching cups. They may not be exactly the same, but they correspond in some way. In fact, we only purchase mugs in this way now. There is not so much as a 3rd matching coffee mug in our home. Only twos. Every once in a while, one of the matches will loose it's mate. A very sad affair indeed. These widows or widowers are relegated to use when either of us have coffee or tea without the other. Quirky. Yes. Maybe.Last night, I felt the tiniest bit of Spring in the air, just a whisper, really. I promptly made a dress. I just thrifted another dress that's a bit too big and is black, so really it's more for Winter wear, but I love it, so I thought I would copy it. In my efforts to make this one a bit smaller, I made it too small. Darn, I'm ticked.Ok, in the pics it looks a bit moo-moo-y. But when worn by someone, (someone a bit smaller than myself, more specifically in the torso region-ish) it would fit similar to this. I even used precious vintage buttons. (You can see the color pics on my flickr page.) blurg.


Kayleen said...

I love that morning ritual. I remember you talking about it a while back, before Mike and I were married, and I thought to myself - wow that's the kind of thing I'm really looking forward to when I'm married! Of course Mike doesn't drink coffee, but I'm sure we can come up with something similar. Thanks for the reminder of this! :)

bethany actually said...

Too bad about the dress not fitting. But I love the matching coffee cups. :-)

Renee Therese (Towler) Clayton said...

:-) I cannot believe you just whipped that dress up. Your so talented. I am sure you will find someone who fits that dress.

Love the ritual, I have always wanted to start that exact thing with my husband. We used to meet for coffee, or breakfast every morning, before we were married. It was definitely the best part of my day. But, my husband isn't really a morning person so it has not been easy to do since we were married. He is always sleeping long past the time I have my coffee, or the kids get up and destroy any quiet moment we might have.

Mod Girl said...

Cute dress! Darn that it's too small. Sweet, sweet ritual.

Lisa said...

Very cute dress. When you have girl she will have endless dresses, I'm sure.
You and Dan are sweet. I want to start a coffee ritual, but I swear my kids have mama radar.

Kelly said...

Thank you all for the compliments on the dress.
And we have our coffee, kids or no kids. Mostly kids. But generally we can distract them with toys and breakfast, so we can sip happily together whilst pondering what the goings on of the day will entail.