Tuesday, March 3, 2009

routine 2

So another little routine we've been working on around here is our cleaning routine. I am of the belief that if John and Finn are capable of making such excellent messes, they probably can manage to do a chore or two. (Believe me, there are some excellent messes... today, by the grace of God, I caught John as he walked through the living room, eyes searching, with an uncapped Sharpie saying, "I need to draw on something..." Who knows what I would be trying to magically erase this evening had I not heard him.)
We've been working hard at doing our chores daily (and I think the hardest part is mine - oftentimes I think it would be much easier for me to simply do the chores myself, as it is difficult and time consuming to try and teach the boys, but I'm persevering). Right now, John sets the table for dinner, (I bring the plates down to the table for him, but he sets everything out), vacuums under the table after dinner (now this is one where we have some issues with quality, but we're still learning), and whenever I do a load of diapers, he folds them. Finn helps too. He just has one chore, which is sweeping the stairs. I do have to oversee this operation top to bottom, but he's really learning to get the job done.


Mod Girl said...

Okay, that is one of the most adorable photos ever... such an earnest little helper you have.

I commend your efforts to train the boys, you (and they) will reap the benefits.

Mary Beth said...

Yes, such a cute photo. I'm struck by just how true it is--so hard on the mama not to just sweep through in a hurry and do it herself. But I really want my boys to learn these things too.

meg said...

good for you. this is why they had kids in the olden days, really.

father jim said...

I laughed out loud at John's mission to "draw on something." Very funny.