Monday, March 23, 2009

routine 3

Now there are routines we do have, and routines I wish we had. A good morning routine, that we actually stick with for more than a week, consecutively, is one of them.
The above picture is the watercolor paintings from today's morning. Shortly after waking, the boys were just dying to paint. I needed to go to another chiropractor appointment, so this seemed a good way to occupy them while Mema supervised. But then, one thing always leads to another. When I got home we needed to go to the store, so no morning chores were done. It was after lunch by the time we got back, so the children were fed, Jamie took a nap and the boys watched a show for some quiet time. My head still hurt, so I napped with Jamie and when we all got up and going again, the day was gone. This is the way it goes when we don't have, or follow, a good morning routine.
Now some weeks, we are in a groove. We'll get up, dressed, say prayers, work on "school" and do a fun project, accomplish some chores, and so on. The day generally stays productive when we get a good start like this. I know that sticking to a morning routine is completely up to me, so it's something that I'm working on.
I'm curious, do you have a daily routine, or are you a fly by the seat of your pants kind of person? How do you handle errands? Once a week? Or at a certain time per day?
I'm off to make french toast for dinner. Cause the kitchen's too messy to make anything else. See what I mean???


Laura Lee said...

Oooo, I have had too many of these days lately. I chalk it up to late winter madness, or too-early spring fever!! But, one thing: French Toast sounds dee-lish for din-din.

I typically run errands twice each week, when I know we already need to be out for piano lessons or our weekly nature hike. I've tried to do the all-day'er but found that I fizzle out and melt down halfway through. No bueno.

Someone just posted something really lovely on my routine post: Freedom is best accomplished on purpose. I'm lovin' on that right now.

mama turtle said...

we are the same way. Without a fool proof series of events in the morning, the afternoon/evening is like playing catchup from a mile back.
At my house the kids are in best spirits in the morning. no incessant whining because I'm elbows deep in the toilet before the baby wakes from his nap...
good luck! I find the summer to be more reliable on morning routines.

annemcd said...

I hear your pain, sister! Part of my problem is that I can't think straight when the house is a mess, and the kids are tearing it apart on a minute-by-minute basis. Maybe I'll have them do some manual labor before we do social studdies....:)

Mod Girl said...

I'm very "routine oriented" so there are many days that I feel are almost choreographed. Yikes! I could use a bit of your spontaneity.

Typically I run errands twice a week, in the morning while the older little guy is at half-day kindergarten. From lunch until bedtime we're typically around the house.

Clare said...

I just do everything in 3's. 3 things before lunch:
1. breakfast and coffee
2. prayers
3. books and activities

I am not a morning person, so that is as much as I accomplish in a morning! ;) I also try to write down 3 accomplishments for the day and one of those is usually "dinner and dishes."

Kayleen said...

I have to say, even with little Louisa, having a routine is a must. She likes having the predictablity of a basic routine. Obviously with an infant it's alot different than with older kids, but I keep imagining myself with more kids and I know I will continue to be a routine-oriented person.

By the way, I hope one day part of your routine will be visiting with cousins a few times a week! :)