Thursday, March 5, 2009

tradition 2

Some traditions we practice in our family have been around forever, others are ones we've started for ourselves. Since Daniel and I have been married, we've started our own little tradition where Daniel gives me a small book of poetry for Valentine's. I love it and look forward to what he will come up with each year. (I believe poetry is the perfect "book-food" for mamas, as it can be digested in little bites, here and there, when it's tricky to find a moment to yourself to read whole chapters.) So lately I've been loving reading some poetry while I nurse, and thinking about my darling husband.
I'm curious, what traditions have you started in your families?


Alison said...

What a lovely tradition! We have food traditions like pizza Friday and Roast Sunday.

Kelly said...

I love the pizza/movie night thing and we managed to do it once, but haven't made it regular yet.

Bridget said...

Meatball Monday!