Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

We had a very joyous Easter Sunday filled with beauty, food, family and friends. This is the first year I've ever actually colored Easter eggs with the kids. Can you believe that? We took a white crayon and wrote messages on the eggs and the boys thought is was pretty cool to watch them appear in the dye. Instead of buying plastic eggs this year (which inevitably get played with, lost and broken) I made, with the help of my sister, a bunch of Easter egg bags from this pattern here. Let me tell ya, they hold way more candy ;)

And because Jamie is too little for all that candy and egg hunting, I knit him a little bunny from this book again.
I hope you had a very blessed and joyous Easter as well!

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Ry Guy said...

Can Jamie fit the whole stuffed bunny in his mouth yet?