Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lazy + knitting = bad

Isn't the color pretty?
Looks like a nice beginning of something, right??

Well, it was supposed to be a little cardigan for me, but I just realized I'm making it about 3 sizes too big. Hardly little, so off the needles it goes. Real knitting requires math. I opted not to do any. Sadly, that ended with more work and less fit. I guess there was an equation in there no matter how hard I tried to avoid it.


G'Ma Mary said...

Oh No!! Maybe Dan could wear it?

Kelly said...

maybe. That is if he's intersted in wearing a sea-green, asymetrical cardigan ;)

~MG said...

Oh dear. You know, I think its the math and counting that has played a big role in me not falling in love with knitting.

Your stitching is beautiful and I love that gray-blue yarn.