Friday, May 22, 2009

long, warm days

Daniel's at a conference. Days are very long without him.

The weather has been in the 80's, and we've been living on the porch. See exhibit A:

Reading, painting, eating, playing... all on the porch. It's funny, we're all pleased as punch to sit together and do any varieties of these things in this relatively small space, while if they occurred indoors, we would spread them out from room to room. Maybe just being outdoors in the sun helps us to feel less cramped. Regardless, it means less mess in my house and we all couldn't be happier.

Do you see that little gold box?? Here, see exhibit B:

Daniel - that beautiful, wonderful man that I married - hid presents. Each morning he's told me where to find one. There's been a lovely little note to go with each. I think I've loved the notes the best. It's borderline obsessive how much I miss him.

And just because, here's exhibit C:

Darn cute baby.
Have a great weekend!


Kayleen said...

That cute baby goes perfect with your post, because he is a daddy's boy, so I'm sure he misses Dan as much as you do. Well, perhaps not quite as much....but still.

Kathy said...

Darn cute baby's doo is exactly like his mama's at that age.

Vanillabean said...

You and Dan are so stinkin' sweet to each other. What a great idea, hiding presents and leaving notes.

~MG said...

We had a huge screened porch on our old house... I miss it. It was the perfect place to spend happy days, especially when art was involved.

I think Dan should get an award, sweet husband of yours!