Tuesday, May 12, 2009

sometimes we need a little therapy

The days have been hectic. The boys ooze creative genius as they find yet more ways to cause trouble. I find myself at bedtime, after the last drink of water is offered, after the last "Goodnight, I love you, and God Bless" is said, slipping into my little space where I can create. This week I'm making more farmer's market totes for Saturday in the Strip. If I could ever get caught up, I would make some for my shop. The whir of the sewing machine soothes, and the needle and thread seem to mend in me the seams that frayed throughout the day. And I offer a silent prayer, thanking God for sewing machines.


Lisa said...

I like your post you have a nice way of writing your thoughts down. I'm curious about that drawing of a red chair in your picture. What's the story? I have a story about a red chair too.

Kelly said...

Thanks Lisa. I painted the picture of the chair - it's part of a little project that I was thinking of... maybe I'll just make a post about the project.

Lisa said...

On Bobby and I first date, he found out that I could draw and asked me to draw him a picture of a red chair in a blue room. I started but never have finished it. Maybe this year for our aniversary it will be complete. Talk about procranstination.