Thursday, June 25, 2009

the beach

Yesterday we went to the beach on Lake Erie. I thought the amount of stuff we brought comical.


We used every bit of it.


I had never seen a lake before that I couldn't see the other side of. No matter how many times we told them otherwise, the boys believed we were at the ocean.




We really had such a lovely day. It made for what felt like a vacation, and we didn't spend anything. We brought a big cooler, well stocked, and just before we left the house, I threw some pork with some bbq sauce in the crock pot and turned it on low, so when we got home, dinner was already waiting for us - so virtually no cooking on my part (which is what all my vacations should entail). The boys played hard so everyone was pretty tired when we got home - early bedtimes, yay! And with all the drive time (about an hour and 45 minutes each way) I got some pretty good knitting time in. I am so looking forward to our next day at the beach.


Anna said...

Sounds like a perfect day on all accounts! And...isn't this phase of life just comical in general? :)

~MG said...

How. Much. Fun! My boys would love to have a day like that!

Yes, I agree with you... vacation=no cooking!

I love the second photo, beautifully composed.

Lisa said...

Wow what fun! Funny to actually see a lake that big for a west coaster like me, I would have thought that was the ocean too! Your boys are darling, and your photographs are beautiful.

Sumojason said...

I spent almost all of my summers from when I could walk until I was sixteen on Lake Erie. It looks like you had some good beach and the water looked calm. Great day on the lake.

Bridget said...

What town were you in? And what state? Looks nice. We'll be going up to Lake Erie next month in Ohio.

Bridget said...

PS - That looks like a Honda Odyssey!!!! Am I right?