Thursday, June 18, 2009

giving up

Just finished the dress. Dan says I look pretty pregnant in it.
I'm not.
Nor do I look it while not wearing said dress.
I'm getting ice cream now.
Apparently I have plenty of room.


annemcd said...

LOL-- if its any consolation, EVERYTHING makes me look pregnant these days. Maybe because I am... :)

Lisa said...

Ha ha! I have heard that one before.

Ry Guy said...

I think you should keep it and wear it. It would be a great way to start conversations and meet new people:

TOTAL STRANGER: "How many months along are you?"

YOU: "Oh, I'm not pregnant. I sewed this dress myself."

TOTAL STRANGER: "Is that so! I find the subject of sewing very interesting. Could you tell me about it?"

YOU: "Certainly! The first thing about sewing is..."