Monday, June 15, 2009

is it weird to post pictures of my graveyard photoshoot?

Our Sunday morning drive to church is one of my favorite things. We use only back roads through farms and small towns. Over the Winter, once the leaves and underbrush had all died away, we noticed on a little hill, far from everything, what looked like a small graveyard. We've been meaning to stop and investigate, and yesterday, camera in hand, we finally did.






Only after I looked at the shots on the computer at home did I realize that Finn was carrying his rubber-band gun. Kind of gives his shots a different feel.

The graves were very old. Many stones were worn smooth with age, but those that we could read died in the mid-1800's. It really very beautiful and looked like a very peaceful place to rest.


Kayleen said...

I don't think so. Maybe if you called it a "cemetery" instead of graveyard it would have a different connotation? I think cemetery sounds less creepy. But, I don't know, is there a difference?

What did the boys think of it?

~MG said...

Wow, what a beautiful place. I love that first shot... the light in it is perfect.

Edi said...

I love walking through graveyards and I take pictures too! I like the ostentatious tombstones and the simple or broken ones as well.

Shooting Starchild said...

Graveyards are beautiful places, especially when they have trees, shade, and lots of green. Thank you for the pictures!