Friday, June 26, 2009

a new skirt

The J. Crew catalog came in the mail this week. Flipping through, I saw this skirt, and thought I could probably make something like it myself.

new skirt

I used some black & white seersucker. (this pic is not the best - I'm all wrinkled from wearing it all day and too lazy to bother ironing and retaking the shot) I ended up not doing a drawstring and making it more of an a-line. And though I was shooting for avoiding maternity wear (which I am good at inadvertantly achieving) I used a thick piece of elastic for the waist that I had purchased for making maternity pants but never ended up using.

new skirt up close

It's nice because you have all the comfort of an elastic waist band, but because it's so thick, it sits up without having to be cinched like thinner elastic. I think it gives it more of a polished look.

Happy Weekend!!


~MG said...

I love it... and couldn't even tell that it has an elastic waistband. Great job.

Anne said...

Love it! Well done :) Did you make your own pattern, too?

Kelly said...

Thanks you guys! Anne, I have a favorite A-shaped skirt that I used as a guide, but different construction.

petitcompaore said...

Cute! I think your version is more versatile.