Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the old man is snoring


Such a rainy day here. It's felt thoroughly gloomy, inside and out. Jamie has not been happy unless I hold him or keep him in the front pack (no riding on the back today). I had grand plans of making today my baking day. A couple loaves of bread, scones, a zucchini loaf or two... I ended up getting one loaf of bread and a batch of scones. Something is better than nothing... yes, but it's a matter of expectation. I expected more from this day. And then I broke my two most favoritest measuring cups in the world! A sad day indeed.
But there are silver linings. I'm making a dress. It's coming out ok. So far. John and Finn love this audio version of Alice in Wonderland that we picked up from the library yesterday. They sat motionless, mesmerized for a very peaceful quiet-time.
Well, there's a kitchen to clean and superglue to hunt for. Maybe tomorrow will meet my expectations. Maybe I should consider lowering them.

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