Monday, June 8, 2009

oy vey

I really meant to post here much sooner and more often than this... where has my time gone?


We've been a revolving door for company lately - which is always nice. The boys wake up in the morning asking who's here, thinking that someone new may have arrived or left while they slept. I have to admit they are a little bit sad when I admit that it's just us during these little breaks between.

I've been spending time with plants, trying to help things grow, and wondering how to keep rabbits away. I've really wanted to grow a garden for some time. The idea of planting, caring, and then harvesting food I've grown is so appealing. I've really romanticized it in my mind, I'm afraid. See, my major problem with gardening is bugs. I am a VERY squeamish girl. So much so that it would be worth considering a name change for the blog, as "Squeamish Girl" might be a more appropriate title. Most seem to find gardening a relaxing pursuit, while from my little patch of earth involuntary screams are often heard. Yesterday I put on my gardening gloves to find a yellow jacket had been visiting the pointer finger. Only did I realize this after wearing the gloves for several minutes and a bee sting later.
And while I'm not being stung in the garden, I've caught a decorating bug. Now certain rooms in the house have just remained stark and bare-bones since we've moved in. We have a mystery room that is either supposed to be a den or formal living room, nobody know which, so I'm determined to figure that out. Our bedroom has remained picture-less and virtually furniture-less aside from one dresser and our bed - very drab. So I'm determined to get these rooms together, organized and have a place for everything.
So I guess that's where I've been and there is more of it where I'm going. We've also been considering sending John and Finn to school instead of homeschooling, which may sound like not a big deal, but has really been weighing on me. Last night, I think we made the decision to stay home, which helps for planning, but then there is soooo much planning.
Anyways, pictures of progress to follow. I hope.


Bridget said...

I say, if you can send them to school, then do it! We are blessed to have a really good Catholic private school to send our kids to.

I'm also all for homeschooling, but I do not have it in me to be able to dedicate the proper time to my kids. Imagine the "free time" you'll have to knit!

Kelly said...

Oh, don't think I haven't thought about all that knitting time. The school is 40 minutes away without traffic, not to mention tuition... just not gonna happen. That's ok though, we're trusting in God's providence.

Bridget said...

I hear ya, homie. Maybe sometime down the road you can move out here and send the boys to our awesome school! ;)

Vanillabean said...

This is my big debate lately too... to home school or not to home school.