Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday we said goodbye to Fr. Jim who had been visiting. Jim, the boys all miss you. John and Finn said they want to go to your house ;) Here are the two James'

It seems like we've had visitors for so long (the last month we've had someone here almost everyday) that I felt all day like we were forgetting someone.

Daniel gave me some time this afternoon to work on some sewing. I had found some damaged vintage linens at a rummage sale and made one into a tote. I intended it for the Strip, but I'm so tempted to keep it for myself.

And now I have a baby who has fallen asleep on my lap. Best get him into bed.
Happy Tuesday.

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father jim said...

Woo-hoo, I made the blog! This is a special day for me.

My house is pretty boring, although I suppose I have a playground on the other side of the fence. The food isn't nearly as good, though. :)

It was good to see you all. I hope you can settle back into a normal routine soon.