Wednesday, July 22, 2009

acceptance and thankfulness to follow


There's tea in my cup.
The bread's in the oven.
One batch of dresses finished for the Strip District.

James has another new tooth. That makes four now. He grinds them constantly. It's driving me crazy.
Finn swallowed a nut and washer this morning.
John is in a very contrary phase. This is more trying than I can tell. Which lends to me grinding my teeth constantly. Which is also driving me crazy.

I find myself worrying over many things lately. Too many things. I shouldn't worry. I know. I find myself focusing on what is wrong in life instead of being thankful for the gifts God has given. I want to be thankful. Not just a token "Count your blessings." I want to look at my life and see God's hand. I want to accept the struggles He has offered.

Children need tending.

Acceptance and thankfulness to follow.


Lisa said...

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

I get that poem now. Isabella is in a little contrary phase and Parker seems to just be getting out of it! And he is a 11. Hard habit to break.

Now I must go, Isabella needs my attention:)

annemcd said...

Cyber hugs! When Alex was about a year old, he started grinding his teeth. I looked it up in my parenting book, and it told me that it was a sign of stress in the young tot's life. And so began my obsession with over-obsessing about everything in their lives.

It also said that sometimes, kids figure it out and they think its neat, and they'll eventually stop. Number 2 won out.

This must be the day for swallowing. Will got into the acrylic paints and tried to eat the yellow one. I freaked when I read, "made in china." I don't think he actually swallowed, though. Good luck with the washer and nut-- that diaper is going to be interesting!!

Lisa said...

I'm sorry I've been trying to figure this out. What do you mean, "Finn swallowed a washer and nut?"

Kelly said...

Oh, I mean washer and nut as in the cabinet handle was screwed on with a washer and nut in the back and Finn unscrewed it and swallowed them.

Lisa said...

I got it.
According to Bobby this is common knowledge. Tell Finn thank you. If it wasn't for him I may have gone on longer not know what a washer was.