Thursday, July 30, 2009

awesome, and not so much

Ok, I had an experience today that I just have to share. I'm so excited and proud. I went to Rite Aid and bought:

~a package of Huggies
~two Speed Stick deodorants
~two bottles of Herbal Essence Shampoo
~two packages of ladies things (you know what I mean)
~and a three pack of kids toothbrushes

I spent out of pocket a grand total of $3.23. Then I went home and plugged in my rebates and will be getting a check back for $4. I know some ladies have the whole coupon thing down, and I've been trying, but this was the first time I've done anything this exciting.

I told Daniel. He said "good job", but honestly, he doesn't get the same excitement out of it as I do.

I told my mom on the phone, and she tried to whistle, but she couldn't, so she just ended up blowing into the phone.

So now I'm telling you. And darn it, I feel pretty awesome right now.

And here's picture:
crazy hair

Yesterday, we were feeling not so awesome. It rained pretty much the whole day. The kids were kind of stir crazy, and I was pretty much just crazy, so I yelled to everyone, "OUTSIDE!" And out we went. Pouring rain and all. We got pretty soaked and the boys thought it was pretty funny that I would go out and jump in puddles with them. After we came inside and dried off and cozied up, the boys we all sporting some wild hair-doo's, so I tried to take a picture. This was the least blurry. They are little boys, and just not that good at sitting still.

So, there you go.


meg said...

I am thoroughly impressed! now tell us how you did it.

annemcd said...

That ROCKS! I love it when I work the system and save money. Too bad it takes so much time! Congrats. What a feeling!

Elizabeth said...

Pittsburgh weather for ya! I am so tired of rain.Well,maybe not rain.Being cooped up with three boys.That's what I'm tired of!Congrats on the couponing! (Is that a word?) I really,really want to be organized and patient enough to shop at Rite Aid and CVS and save some cash.Send some of those vibes my way!

Lisa said...

What's your secret?
It's the, "thrill of the kill" as my mom use to say when she got a bargin.

Kelly said...

Thanks guys. It was a deal a long time in the making, really. Anne's right, it does take a long time to figure out all those deals. I've been reading the Money Saving Mom blog and Stretching a buck blog, and they help point out online coupons and such. This particular deal the stars alligned and I used a $5 of $25 purchase coupon, then I gave a coupon for free diapers that I earned in a previous shopping trip, then I had a but one get one free coupon for the shampoo and it was on sale for buy one get one free, I have coupons for each of the deodorants and pads, and the toothbrushes were in the dollar bin.
I've been trying to figure out the drug-store-deals for over a year, and have taken breaks from couponing now and again cause it'sjsut so time consuming, but shopping days like yesterday just keep me going. And the fact that I have no money ;)