Monday, July 20, 2009

bench monday


I've wanted to do a bench monday photo for a bit now. It's actually a church pew. I love our church pew.

Today we're tracking down a costume for Finn's summer camp (a two hour group for 3-year-olds) as today is dress-up day. He's insisting that he's small enough to wear his Spiderman costume from last Halloween. He's not. Not by a long shot.

Yesterday as we were driving to and fro from church, I saw red leaves. RED! What in the world is going on??? It's July! So I started knitting red mittens. Doesn't that sound good? A dark coat on a dark Winter day, with bright, beautiful red mittens? I thought so. I'm just hoping they actually come out that way.

So this is the wild life I lead. Standing on church pews, scrounging super hero costumes and knitting woolen mittens in the middle of July. Wild I tell ya.

A happy Monday to you and yours.

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The Pennick Family said...

Ummm, right there with you, sister! Our day consisted of the same sorts of mundane tasks, but it's still all good stuff. And I believe red mittens in July is perfectly logical. Really enjoy your musings.