Friday, July 31, 2009



See what excellent help I get in the kitchen? I swear, Jamie has super-dishwasher-hearing, and can tell when the dishwasher has been opened if he's in a 20 mile radius. I should get the speed-crawl, with all the jiggling baby chub, on video. It's quite impressive.


John has been helping me with the silverware portion of unloading the dishwasher. Sometimes. The "help" is quite dependent on my patience levels. You can see in this picture John is using his whip (which is a strand of ric-rac commandeered from my craft room) to tie onto a spoon, which he will then lift out and place into the silverware drawer. Do you see what I mean about the patience levels??

I really want my boys to be good helpers and have regular chores. I think that it helps teach them that families work together and that we should love each other through service, but I find the charm of a new responsibility soon fades, and I just get frustrated. I just wonder, do you have your kids do chores? If so, how much and and what age?

Ok, have a happy weekend. With many compliant helpers ;)

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Renee Clayton said...

My children do not have chores yet. But when I start them, I intend to use this system called managers of there chores(; which is a Christian based program to teach them service to others. I will hopefully get to be a stay at home mom next summer and then I will start my son who will be 3 1/2 then on this program. I think it is very creative that your son found a way to make his chore interesting, even though it tests your patience. As long as he eventually gets it done and he doesn't break anything, it would be no big deal to me.
God bless you all.