Friday, July 10, 2009

a mental image

Imagine you are walking along a nicely kept, quiet, suburban street, and you come upon a woman in her front yard. She's spinning wildly, shrieking, and all the while spraying with what looks like a Windex bottle into the air.

That woman was me.

Yesterday I discovered that we have a Japanese Beetle problem. They are devouring my roses and a tree out front and I'm terrified they are going to go for my dahlias next. I hate these bugs. I found out that if you spray them with soapy water you can kill them, so I went out armed with my Mrs. Meyers all-purpose cleaning solution. (Apparently it's a little more "all-purpose" than I realized.) When I was spraying the ones on the tree, they started flying around and I feared an attack, so I just sprayed away. My neighbors probably think I've gone Betty Draper.

Mad Men - Shoot

Ahhhh.... the joys of gardening.


petitcompaore said...

:) That is an amusing mental image, for sure. It made me laugh!

annemcd said...

Windex is great for killing flies in the house, btw. Their wings are so heavy with water/ammonia/whatever, they can't fly.

And then they die. Hee hee hee.