Thursday, July 16, 2009

summer baking

I admit, I sometimes fantasize about a pre-industrial sort of life. Then I bask in the cool air conditioning in the midst of summer's warmth and figure that I am ok where I am.

In summer's past, when I've not had air conditioning, the thought of cooking indoors, heavy foods, or turning on the oven and baking was not really appealing. But lately we have been craving comfort foods (I blame this entirely on the Food Network show, Diner's, Drive-In's and Dives. Dangerous, dangerous show ;) So last night we had home-made biscuits and sausage gravy for dinner.



I think air-conditioning might make me fat.


Renee Clayton said...


Kayleen said...

I would love to try your biscuits and gravy. When I was in college, that was my most favorite breakfast ever. But oddly enough, I haven't been able to find a recipe that rivals the dining center's. Haha, kind of gross to think about I know, but honestly they were SO good.

Oh and p.s.-you are most welcome to sqeeze my baby when you come. She would enjoy it because she is a very cuddly type of baby.