Wednesday, July 29, 2009

temporary insanity

or possibly a little more long-term than that. we'll just go with temporary for now.


We made gobledeguck the other day. Two parts cornstarch to one part water. Lots of fun to mess around with. Then James got tired. I said to the boys, "Ok, keep the stuff in the bowl. Do not make a mess. I'm just going to put Jamie down for a nap. Please, just be good and don't get it everywhere."

Do I really even need to include an after picture?

I will anyways.


And that is after a bit of tidying. There is still cornstarch in the cracks of my floors and on the window and fridge. Not as easy to clean as I'd imagined.

Lesson learned: Don't trust little boys, and play with gobbledeguck outside.


Renee Clayton said...

Yes, I have left my little boy for just a moment. 5-10 minutes while I put the baby done for a nap. He was watching a video, which usually keeps him in one place. I came back to a hot, steamy flood. (*Note to self - don't leave small child alone even if you think he can't get up to anything.) I have also had those moments in which I left the room while he's painting or something and thought this is like letting him run with knives and then I leave anyway.

Bridget said...


Kayleen said...

Kind of makes me less excited for Lou to grow up....


annemcd said...

Yep. don't trust little boys. Love em to death, but you just can't trust them further than you can throw them!

mammafelice said...

Very funny! :)
And now I'm learning this lesson, too... never, never play with gobbledeguck. :)