Monday, August 10, 2009

hello stranger

I guess I just forgot to post the rest of last week. Well, maybe I didn't forget. It seems that my time is not my own these days.

We had some bad days last week. Not pictured.

We had some good days, too. Pictured here:
The boys have been on a super hero kick. They want to wear their capes everywhere. I remember as a child wanting to wear certain creative outfit combinations that were generally vetoed. With the exception of a certain all-purpose poncho (it was fabulous - it worked as a poncho, skirt, strapless dress... the possibilities were endless I tell you), and that was short-lived, in my memory, and not encouraged. I vowed as a child that when I grew up, I would allow my children to wear dress-up clothes out and about if they chose. I've been true to my word (ok, venue depending). The boys wore these snazzy outfits all about town Friday.

Aunt Katie came to visit. Cue angel chorus.

Much of this ensued:

My copy of Cook's Illustrated came. They had an Apple Upside down cake. I had pears.
pear upside-down cake
Voila. Pear Upside down cake.

Today we are to be huntresses, searching for a bread maker for Aunt Katie. She is sold on the joys of mixing up her own bread at home.


Kate said...

I'm so glad we went thrifting and I got my new bread machine. p.s. Finn wanted to wear his cape to bed so I let him.

Lisa said...

Great pictures! I love the picture of you two knitting, and Finn on the floor. Wish I was there:) And your house is adorable with the blue walls and blue chairs.
I saw your mom today and met Lousia for the first time, she is a doll! Wish I would have had longer to chat with everyone though.

Ahhhh...I miss you ladies.

Vanillabean said...

Those pictures are awesome! Your house looks amazing. I wish I was knitting there with you guys.