Friday, August 21, 2009

well, it's Friday

My tomatoes have been infected with the blight. I am very sad. The first time in my life I grow something I can actually eat, and then there's a freaking blight.

John came downstairs late last night because he was having a hard time sleeping. I think he mostly wanted to show us his drawing of Batman. He wrote "Batman" all on his own. He's never asked us how to spell it - and he wrote it mirror-perfect backwards.

I've been cooking a bunch; baking, trying some new recipes, trying out new foods I've never made before. (Can you believe I've never had zucchini outside of bread or shredded and hidden in a casserole? Shocking, I know.)

Here's a few we've tried and liked:
pad thai (Dan and I love it, the kids, not so much)
Maple Butter Nut Granola (my mom found this site. you gotta check out these videos, they are hillarious.)
peach pie
zucchini stand spaghetti

The boys are now upstairs getting ready for bed. I just overheard John say to Finn, "Do you know what it means to snicker wickedly?" It was then followed by a menacing, if now wicked, snicker.

Happy Weekend! *wicked snicker*

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