Tuesday, September 22, 2009

color week - and a stink-y story

burnt sienna
color week - burnt sienna?
Ok, this photo is a little strange. I was looking for things that were the color of rooftops in Sienna. My pin cushion (which was my very first pin cushion - it was amidst the sewing thing I inherited from my grandma) looked a little Sienna red to me, but now I'm considering the possibility that I may be way off. It's happened before.
Before I took the picture, Finn ran up, popped the dinosaur in my basket, and said, "Here! He's not stink." To which I thought, ummmm.... ok. I had no idea we had a toy dinosaur stinking problem. John then followed with, "Yeah, he'll live FOREVER!" I then realized that Finn meant "extinct", not stink.

So yeah, that's my story about my ambiguously colored pincushion and a stinkless dinosaur.

For some real burnt sienna (and for a stunningly beautiful photo), look here.


Juniper said...

Liked your story! We very nearly had a similar shot on capers and olives for today, I was taking a photo of a sort of burnt sienna throw in an old stone corner of our house when my son ran over and placed his
Wall-E robot front and center (maybe the weekend will have to be made up of funny shots that didn't make it).
Thanks for sharing!
BTW love the pic above your About Me section

Carol said...

LOL at 'not stink'. Brilliant story and I rather like your random sienna collection :-)


Anna said...

An utterly brilliant moment you recounted for us! Thank you. I enjoyed it thoroughly.