Tuesday, October 6, 2009

re-purposing... or, thermal jim

I stash clothes that aren't wearable anymore. There's a bit of pack-rat in me, I know, but it's hard to throw things away when I think of ways they could possibly be used for something else.
I made a new pair of pants for James out of an old thermal shirt. We got the shirt last year at a thrift store in Virginia while making a mad dash for warm clothing in July. We were going to visit Skyline caverns, which happen to be a cozy 40 something degrees, and hadn't packed any warm clothes. The thrift store had virtually no sweatshirts, and a very mis-shapen, large-ish boy's shirt was just going to have to make do.
thermal james
Now it'll make do as some little pants, and a reminder of our little family vacation :)
A pretty cozy fellow if you ask me.
re-purposed pillow
Another re-purpose. I picked up a wool sweater last Spring when the local thrift store put all it's Winter clothes on clearance (I also picked up two cashmere sweaters at the same time!) I was planning on taking the sweater apart and using the wool for another project, but look at it - such pretty cables. So I shrunk it just a little more and made it into a little pillow.
I still have a whole pile of Dan's old shirts that have stains or holes or both. I feel more re-purposing coming on.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Sigh... I love repurposing. The pillow is gorgeous and the pants wonderfully cozy, perfect for keeping chubby legs warm.

Anna said...

LOVE the pillow! Did you machine stitch it or do it by hand??

Bridget said...

Spider-Man is frantically looking for loose change in the chair!