Friday, October 2, 2009

real art

We had been looking for bookshelves for quite some time, and this week I finally found a pair I was happy about on craigslist. Once we got them inside and filled, the empty walls above them were glaring. I took the remaining balance on my art store gift card, got two canvases, and then let John and Finn each have one.
The boys declared that they were then "real artists" because of their "real" art tools. This one is John's:

This one is Finn's:
(it's so blurry, and I'm too lazy to retake it right now, but I'm not sure a steady camera is going to make that much difference)
John asked if we could make our house a museum, filled with art. I'm very happy for them to fill our home with art, but with three very noisy, active boys, I doubt very much that our house will ever seem quite like a museum.


Vanillabean said...

those shelves are awesome. I am trying to find some just like that or something close. John's picture is great. Finn's is great too, more pollock style

mama turtle said...

The bookcases are beautiful, but the arts are works by masters!!!!!

Anna said...


Lisa said...

Your house is cute. Great find on the book shelves.