Tuesday, October 27, 2009

we got the beet

This year we've been trying a CSA share and have been loving it. We get a box full of organic produce each week for less than what it would cost for me to purchase non-organic produce at the grocery store. Lately we've been getting beets in our box. Maybe it sounds as though I have come from some crazy, sheltered existence, but I have never eaten beets before. (My mother will sadly tell you that the lot of us were primarily made up of picky-eaters.) It's not the first foreign vegetable in my produce box this year. There have been a few new ones for me and the kids, and that is part of why I so enjoy this arrangement. It has really forced us to try new things and vary our scheduled vegi-fare. So out came the recipe books, and now beets are a happy guest at our table.
Today was a bit of a mess. We had a play-date in the morning, which is great, but there's always that mad-dash (at least at my house) to tidy something before the guests arrive (which makes me a bit frazzled). The kids had a great time playing, the mommy's had a nice time chatting, but as it was almost time for our friends to go, John fell and split his lip. Like gaping so wide I was looking on the floor to see if part of it had fallen off somewhere or something kind of split lip - and this resulted in our first ever emergency room visit. I should be thankful, on one hand, that after five years and three boys this was the first ever visit to the ER. He didn't actually need stitches (much to poor John's relief). On the other hand, every time I look at John and his sad little lip, I get that funny shivery feeling down my spine and I wonder how many ER trips are in our future.

I've read beets contain amazing healing properties. I wonder how they are for lips.


Anna said...

How fabulous! I planted beets in our fall garden, but still to early to nibble.

Any great recipes for me to use? I not very experienced with the beet, either!

ps--hope the lip is improving!

Sumojason said...

I have a love hate relationship with the ER. The local ER here is always full and if you have a late night emergency, you are going to be their for 6 hours. AHHHH!.

So, did they super glue John's lip. That is what they did for Teresa when she split her's. (By the way, 4 weeks ago I had to take Patrick to the ER for 5 stitches on his chin. He fell in the shower and cut it wide open). I have to say, 9 year and 4 children and this was our first stitches. Not bad.

Life with crazy children is fun.

annemcd said...

Amazingly, we haven't had too many er visits-- just many calls to poison control. However, we did hit the same er twice in two weeks for essentially the same thing-- first me severing my finger with a knife while making breakfast (don't ask) and then bringing Alex in when he got his finger caught in the car door.

Vanillabean said...

I love beets. Borscht is AWESOME!

Poor John :( that sounds awful. I was getting kinda queazy reading about it.

I really appreciate the super-hero costumes. A nice preview of what Malachai might like dressing up as . Lucia is way into dressing up too ... usually a princess/little red riding hood ... although at the moment she is dressed like a chicken and bawking to herself.

Ry Guy said...

The beet root is a good source for folate: 17% of your recommended daily allowance. Folate helps the growth of new cells, especially skin cells, which would theoretically promote wound healing.

However, don't forget to eat the leaves. There's more minerals and vitamins in beet greens than there are in the roots. Beet greens are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, thiamin, riboflavin, beta-carotene and vitamin B6.

I am very angry with you if you did not already know this important nutritional information.

Bridget said...

What Jason failed to mention is that while Patrick was the first kid of ours to get stitches, I was at the U2 concert in Maryland! First time seeing U2 live for me, first time any of our kids needed stitches. I felt helpless as Jason and I text messaged each other about the Paddy incident. U2 was awesome, but the thought of my little guy having busted open his chin put a damper on the U2 experience for me. Hoping to get to another U2 concert in the future. Anyway, I love your boys! They're all so cute.