Thursday, November 19, 2009

do you know what day it is?

It's the third Thursday in November, silly, and that means the Nouveau's are here.
Daniel and I first discovered Beaujolais when we lived in the Wallingford neighborhood in Seattle. There was little wine shop on 45th that we would walk to from our apartment with John in the baby carriage. I miss those days. Every year, on the third Thursday in November, I get to remember.

Thank you for your comments on the dress. I agree, too stiff. Katie thinks so too. I'm going to try and do something with the belt and maybe take in the skirt a bit to see if that helps. Otherwise... oh well.


briana said...

How was it? We tried it one year and it was great. The next it was watery bananas. But maybe we'll give it another shot this year. At least you have good memories to go with it.
Good luck with the dress. I though the style was really cute, too bad the fabric was too stiff. And what exactly did Dan say?

petitcompaore said...

Hey Kelly, you wouldn't happen to be making any little girl clothes in the next few weeks, would you? I so, I was wondering how much it would cost to buy some and have you send it to my friend who is having a baby soon! my email is lacapretta at gmail dot com - if you could let me know that would be great!

Kelly said...

Watery bananas sounds awful. Dan and I both really like it this year. The Georges Dubeuf is the only one we can get our hands on due to PA's ridiculous wine situation, so we've not tried any others.

Dan just said that he didn't like the fabric - the pattern/print or the drape. At least I'm only out a dollar for the fabric, and got some good practice for when I find something better.

annemcd said...

I got to try it today at wegmans-- it was so yummy i bought a bottle! i had a bad year once-- it was about 1 or 12 years ago-blech.

I totally understand about not getting a positive comment from the hubs. A couple of years ago I tried on a really beautiful dress from Ann Taylor for a fancy smancy thing we were going to. I actualy found something that looked somewhat flattering on my three month's post partum body. Jon's comment-- "I don't hate it." I cried. I was so mad at him that not only did I buy it, I bought jewelry to go with it too. :)