Wednesday, November 18, 2009

your input would be kindly appreciated

So, I've almost finished my dress. But I'm hessitant to do any more on it. I showed Dan last night, and he said,
Yes, he liked it that much. I prodded. He said he liked the style, just not the fabric. Now, I liked this fabric. It is another of my thrifted finds, so it's bonafied 70's acrylic. I'm much more of a natural fibers sort of gal, but I liked the aqua and brown together, and it's a dress for Fall and Winter - it's warm! I have actually made the dress from the wrong side of the fabric - just thought it looked cooler.
So, though I ultimately know it's what I think that matters, I'm just curious; what do you think? I have had a history of bad fabric choice in the past. But man, I just didn't think I was that far off the mark this time.
I don't know. I'm asking my sister Katie when she gets here. Her closet is the envy of everyone. She might know.


mama turtle said...

The dress is a great wrap design, and I would like the blue if it draped better, that is the one thing and the synthetics I have a hard time with. I think I would need to see it on you. Sisters always know what to do, trust that.

Carine said...

I actually personally love the fabric but as mama turtle says, it's hard to tell without you wearing it. Let us know what your sister says, just out of curiosity.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I love the dress and the fabric is awesome! I think what bothers me a little about the dress is the way it hangs... it kind of has a stiff-drape-look to it. You never know, a washing and steaming may help it hang more gracefully.

Renee Clayton said...

I really like the dress and the fabric. Clothes always look different on. But there is one thing that really bothers me and it is that big chunky sash tied at the middle. It's too wide and too short and hangs funny. I think if you narrowed, lengthened or eliminated the sash, it might be more of a hit.
"Less is more." Coco Chanel said, "Once you have completed a look, look in the mirror and remove one thing."

Anna said...

First, love wrap dresses. Second, the fabric is super groovy! Third, the sash belt is divine.

My only question...when you are wearing it, does it hang/lay nicely? Sometime that's the tricky part with fabrics like this. I echo the requests to see it on!

oonaballoona said...

i love the color & shape, and also the sort of stiff-ness about it, makes it very singular. would look great with chunky boots... what was the verdict?