Thursday, December 10, 2009

cookie time

We received a package from g'ma yesterday filled with frosted cookies and food coloring pens. I'd never seen or heard of this before, so darn cool!! The boys had a blast, and it was the easiest cookie decorating I've ever done. Well, I actually didn't decorate. Maybe that's why it was so easy.


Kayleen said...

Those pens look amazing! Remember last Christmas when Mike and I decorated cookies with the boys and Finn got upset when we wouldn't allow him to pour the entire jar of sprinkles on his cookies? Or was it John? Either way - your new pens make things much easier for sure!

Happy decorating. If I were you, I'd decorate a cookie or two :)

Kayleen said...

Oh I forgot to say that when I showed Louisa the picture of Johnny, she instantly smiled this HUGE smile. She had previously been crying - so I thought it was pretty cute.

Renee Clayton said...

Now that you have the pens you can make cookies again and put just white icing on them and decorate again.

Kate said...

They are great photos! I need to find some food coloring pens, we decorate cookies all the time and it is such a mess.