Friday, January 29, 2010

cut ups

The boys got their first professional haircut today. My mom has done the job in the past, and Dan and I will occasionally butcher their hair if things are looking a little shaggy in between mema's visits. After our last two hack jobs, I decided to take them to someone who knew what they were doing. Now they look handsome.

As we were driving home, John asks me, "Mom, should you wait for an expensive plumber?" I am completely puzzled at this point, (we have not had any *knock on wood* plumbing issues of late), he repeats himself and I say, "I'm sure we have waited for one in the past, why are you asking?"
John: Oh no! You shouldn't!
Me: Why? What should I do?
John: You shouldn't get an expensive plumber, you should get the Aqua-Snake. It even gets all that yucky hair out!

John and Finn then get into their own conversation about how much they want their own Aqua-Snake, but realize they are too small for such a cool, grown-up tool. They then decide that we should find them an Aqua-Snake for kids.

All this because I let them watch an episode of Busy Town Mysteries which has commercials.


Bridget said...

Aw! They look very cute! And how funny that they are trying to sell you an Aqua-Snake based on a commercial! My kids like to quote commercials to me sometimes. Dang TV!

father jim said...

That's hilarious, and yet disturbing at the same time that a commercial would stick in their heads. Hmm, I wonder how I can tap into that power. "Mom, should you spend more on a latte than you put in the collection? Oh no! You shouldn't!"