Thursday, January 14, 2010

deep thoughts by flighty girl

My husband has always told me that I remind him of Jack Handey.

How many times have a posted a wonky photo of my feet on this blog? Too many, I'm sure.

Those shoes I'm wearing there have been kickin' around for quite some time (they've gotta be about 10 years old??). One of the very last times I would have worn them would have been on my wedding day. I loved those shoes. I can't get rid of them. I keep encountering things that I don't necessarily use, but I keep them for sentimental reasons. (I still have the dress I wore the first time I met Dan. I can totally still rock it, but I totally shouldn't.)

Aside from my silly sentimental attachments to clothing I no longer wear, I've been in "pitch-it" mode. I woke up this morning and my house was a mess. I decided that I just can't take care of all this stuff anymore, so I'm going to give it away. My dad told me when I was a kid that the problem with having more things was that you just had more things to take care of. I most specifically remember this lecture when I was 17 or 18 and wanted a car, so I didn't really pay much heed. So go ahead dad, gloat. Just do it quietly where I can't hear.

So three big bags of stuff from my closet are ready for Goodwill, and two bags of toys are joining them. I've read in various Montessori books that children shouldn't have more than three toys out or available to them at a time. I thought it sounded like a good idea, but then I wonder how does that work, exactly? Does each boy have three toys out, so there are nine toys total? Then what to do with the toys that have a billion tiny pieces? Say John has legos, army men, and a construction set out - they all have a billion parts! Then I have Jamie causing havoc with John's toys while his toys are out and Finn's got his toys too..... I am so freaking sick of toys! In an effort not to go completely insane, all the toys are up. Now the kids are playing with stuff like the recycling and old buttons.

Other totally random thing I'm wondering: compost. I have a composter because I totally want that black gold for gardening. Now composting is supposed to be good for the environment because it keeps more stuff out of the landfills. But what we compost is stuff that decomposes rather quickly, and, I would think, would actually promote the decomposition of things around it. So wouldn't the addition of compostables to your garbage actually help the landfills??? Straighten me out.

Ok, so that's all I got. For now.


petitcompaore said...

well, it might not hurt on the compost to throw it out for the landfills. Someone pointed that out to me too - that it's going to decompose pretty fast. But I think if you put it in plastic, plastic still doesn't disintegrate really fast no matter what (well, maybe it's a little faster, but who knows?). I guess I just figure you should compost if possible because you paid for all that stuff, and if it can make your garden better, that's great! Good luck organizing the house!

Kayleen said...

If you are throwing out any clothes - save some for me!! (If you can, I know you probably don't want to have to move them...but I would love it if you did :)

I'm actually quite good at throwing stuff out myself. Sometimes too good. As in, a few months later I'm thinkin' to myself...why did I throw that out -I would sure like it right now :) Mike is more like you, though. He hangs on to stuff for sentimental reasons.

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh you make me laugh! I don't know much about compost but what you're saying makes sense...

As for the toys, oh. my. goodness. I totally get on toy-purging binges -- I tell the boys it's a matter of survival.

Renee Clayton said...

Toys--Here's my take on it. I know as any mother, it gets crazy with toys out everywhere. I need to get a handle on the toy situation myself. But a mom at my mom's group (she's an empty nester now) made a great suggestion and a few mom's have tried it including myself and it has helped huge: her suggestion was to keep all toys organized and stored in a locked closet. The kids have to asked to play with something new and put away what they were playing with. No toys out during naptime or punishment. It sounds tough, but it works out nice for all. Each kid only gets one thing to play with at a time, because obviously diffirent ages have different toys. A thing like legos could be shared amongst all. After a while you don't have to keep it locked all the time because the kids learn to ask before they take out toys....My daycare does this too. They call it learning stations and before they take out anything else they have to put away what they are using.

Anna said...

I'm always in favor of a toy purge!

And I agree with really is a matter of survival.