Monday, January 18, 2010

happy monday

On our drive home from church yesterday, Finn announced,
"Mrs. Smith doesn't get mad."
At first I thought this was a comparison in his mind between his lovely Sunday school teacher and myself, who does happen to get mad occasionally. But then I asked why, and he said,
"Cause I put glue on my lips."
Me: "Why did you put glue on your lips?"
Finn: "Cause my fingers were going to put it on the paper, but then they put it on my lips. Then I cried. (Then, big smile.) Mrs. Smith doesn't get mad!"

Then he launched into a medley of songs, ranging from Jingle Bells to the Indiana Jones theme song, changing all the words to potty ones.

Happy Monday!


Kayleen said...

happy Monday to you, too!

Bridget said...

His fingers have a mind of their own - apparently! Too funny!