Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hey! I know, let's stick some doilies on it!

If I showed you all of my latest sewing endeavors, this blog would seem to be dedicated to sewing failures. Nothing is coming out right. It's ok, because I'm learning, but still, nothing is coming out right.
The boys destroyed our couch pillows. (Silk covered pillows do make such handy stepping stones when the living room floor has turned into lava.) I had some khaki colored linen and made new covers that were so very plain. I saw another blog (I can't remember which now) where she made a cute little pillow out of bunches of doilies. I, not having bunches, stuck a singular doily on each pillow. I think they look a little silly. Maybe I can thrift some more and add to 'em. Maybe they'll just grow on me and I really won't care anymore. I'm hoping for the later, 'cause sewing those on was pretty time consuming.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

They're very snowflakey and pretty. I love the white over neutral.

briana said...

Uh oh! Now the pillows look like targets. The boys don't have BB guns do they?

petitcompaore said...

I like them, but I don't know.. maybe my tastes are not to be trusted.

Kelly said...

Gina, if you like them, that makes me feel better. Soley based on some of the furniture I've seen in your pictures, I think we think along the same lines.
Briana, no actual firing weapons here. Yet.
Thank you Christian, I like the white on neutral too (which is why I thought I would like the end resul more than I currently do), and the boys pointed out the snowflake thing too.

Kate said...

i like the one with the big doily on it, but maybe the others might need a little something else on them. in general, i think they're pretty cute.