Tuesday, February 23, 2010

light + white

It was still quite light out as we ate dinner this evening. Ok, we ate a 5pm. Still, as the snow outside screams Winter, it was nice to hear the light whisper Spring is coming.

We're painting walls here. I've never put a picture of my basement on here because it was so hideous. The previous owners painted it blood red. It is now a lovely shade of "eggshell" white. The difference is amazing, and my only regret is that it took us so long to do it.
our white basement walls and Winter light

My purging and lightening of material possessions continues. I gave up my collection of Martha Stewart Living magazines. That was a little difficult. It's silly to be attached to old magazines, I know, but I held onto them thinking that I would want to look back through them - only I rarely did. So it was time to let them go. Which I did, for $10 on craigslist (it was a lot of magazines).

Right after I dropped off my beloved Martha's, we stopped into the thrift store to drop off another donation. I didn't intend to buy anything, but Finn really wanted to look for some reason, and we found this:
Vintage, genuine ivory, gold plated earrings and pin. I have been looking for earrings like this forever! I actually bought a pair similar to these some months ago, but they broke the first week I had them. Guess how much this beautiful ivory set was..... $10! I think it was a good trade; my very heavy box of mags for this very light box of pretties. Divine providence, I tell ya.


Anna said...

Stunning! Such a creamy ivory, too.

And I'm more than a touch envious! :)

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Oh, your new pretties are gorgeous! And I agree, a home filled with refreshing light does much for refreshing and energizing the spirit.

annemcd said...

So, you're saying that my stack of martha's that came with me to this house over five years ago that I've NEVER ONCE looked at since I've moved in here should probably start moving on?

Kelly said...

Anna - I actually thought of you when I saw them at the store :)
Thank you Christian!
And Anne, yes, I think you should be just like me and toss those beloved Martha's :) Seriously, you can sell them on ebay or craigslist - maybe God has a pretty bauble in mind for you too :)