Thursday, February 18, 2010

a new knit

John has become so independent these days. I guess he's always been a pretty independent guy, but the way in manifests itself changes as he gets older. Like his outfit here. He's into picking out what he wears now, where as not too long ago, he couldn't care less what I put on him. He wants to make things all the time, too, and wants to be able to do so by himself. My sewing things are in a constant state of disarray, not just because I am totally disorganized in that regard, but because he's always into it. Inspired by our button necklaces, John wanted to make another, this time we tried some finger knitting.
He thought it was pretty cool to be knitting on his own. He's itching to use my needles though. I think he needs to get a little more coordinated. We closed the ends of his necklace with a old broken earring I hot glued to a pin backing.
Though he did model it for me here, he was clear the whole time that he was making it for a very special lady that he totally has a crush on. All I can say is her husband better watch out ;)


Picky Bear said...

Ummm... Is that husband me?

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

What a darling, creative boy! I love this.

Anne said...

Let those creative juices flow! Good for you :) You could try some sort of weaving next, if you can figure a good way to set it up?

Loving the new header, btw :)

Kate said...

i've been replaced?!?