Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the unencumbered life

Last night I found myself fantasizing about another life. I sat in front of my kitchen sink as the clock was approaching 5pm, and I thought how nice it would be, just at that moment, if I were about to get off work from an office job. An office job where I wear a skirt and heels all day (not a booger encrusted shirt). Then, after work, I'd decide to go for a run at the gym and soak in the pool. I'd take my time getting ready after my workout, no rushing about as I get dolled up to meet my very cute and witty boyfriend, with whom I am not too tired to carry on stimulating conversation (about things other than naughty behavior and dirty diapers), for drinks and then dinner.

I really enjoy being at home with my kids, but every once in a while there are times, or days, when I do think fondly of that life I used to know. It's not to say I'd trade. There's no denying that the life I have now is far more meaningful to me and I'd not choose another. But last night, amidst the constant noise three little boys can make, I missed a little of that freedom.

He likes to climb in the recycling box. I couldn't trade him for all the cute shoes in the world.


Renee Clayton said...

The life you describe is the life my sister is living and yet, she is miserably unhappy and lonely. Our fantasies are nice in our heads, but sure aren't what we make them out to be in reality. At least, you have the happy memory of those flirty, single girl days. I for sure would not trade all the tribulations of marriage and parenthood for it. I sometimes fantasize if we had waited to have children we would not have so much debt. But, our hearts would not be so full and we would not have grown so much.

briana said...

I know what you mean. It actually makes me look forward to getting older and the next stage of life. But for now, babies in boxes are pretty cute.

Liz said...

Congrats! You have been awarded the Sunshine Award! You can pick it up at my blog here http://thefloweringdogwood.blogspot.com/

Picky Bear said...

I think he likes that box because he wants to be shipped to Washington :)

Bridget said...

Awesome post, Smelly! :) I hear ya. But when I think about my job before I got married, I am THRILLED not to have to commute to DC any more. I never liked the "uniform" of corporate America anyway. I didn't do heels - I wore sandals most of the time. My current uniform may be booger-encrusted, but hey, it's comfortable! :) We definitely have the better job. Although, it would be nice to go out with Jason more often.