Wednesday, February 24, 2010

we have the snow that never ends, it just goes on, and on...

I had a headache when I woke today. The morning was a struggle and by afternoon, I was dying. I let the boys watch a movie while I laid down with Jamie. Dan came in and woke me to say that we're expecting 6+ more inches of snow tonight, so he was going for milk. I'm expecting tomorrow morning may be a struggle as well, regardless of whether I have a headache or not.
James woke soon after and was in a very rotten mood, so I shouted, "Everybody out!" and we all went outside to ride bikes an play catch, cause who knows when the driveway will be dry again.
It began to snow while we were out there, but we played on till dinner. We were good and frozen when we finally came in. Moods brightened. Fussing at a minimum. And my headache, finally gone.

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