Monday, February 8, 2010




robin in the snow



So we got about 2 feet of snow. We've been mainly trying to stay cozy without going crazy. The boys made it out in the snow for a bit on Saturday, but yesterday was in the single digits, and the roads a bit messy, so we just sat tight. Not to mention, I'm a tad afraid if I let them out they'll get lost in a snow drift. I have never lived in a place where there has been so much snowfall. There are drifts at least 3 feet high, and the pile in front of our house where the snow plow came is as big as me, and I'm no shorty.
We live in about one of the nicest neighborhoods you could ever come across. After the snow stopped on Saturday, everyone was in a mad dash to clear their driveways. This fellow on the ATV with the plow attached to the front had been going around all day helping dig people out, and there were plenty of other neighbors walking around with shovels helping each other out.
And I've not seen any robins for some time, but about four of them descended on this little tree out front and ate up the remaining little berries that hung there. Robins aren't normally around in Winter, right? It seemed a bit strange. I just wished I had some more bird food for the poor little guys.
We're going to brave the cold and head to the farm today to load up on supplies. Hopefully they have milk. We're supposed to have another storm tomorrow. Stay warm where ever you are!


Kelley said...

we don't get a ton of snow, but some years we get a couple feet that stays for a month. My neighbors have helped me out a few times. They did the same thing with their 4-wheeler, when I needed to get Hawley to a doctors appointment when he was an infant. I will never forget that I have such nice neighbors, and we live in the middle of nowhere so neighbors are not as easy to come by. Looks like time for couch trampoline... Don't go too crazy!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kelley. The trampoline is an excellent idea. Cushion forts to follow :)