Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the winter that never ends

I really am wondering if the snow will ever go away. The thought is hard to comprehend. These picture are from last Friday? Saturday? I can't remember which. There's another 10 inches on top of that now.
We went to church today and got our ashes for the start of Lent. I overheard a little girl (who looked about 4) *whisper* to her friend, "It's Lent today. I'm going to give up sinning!" I wondered, at four, what she thought sinning was. Regardless, it was a pretty good idea.


Anne said...

Great pictures, though :) And it's always nice to make a cozy house when it's storming outside, right? Hope the snow melts soon enough :)

Kayleen said...

Go Cougs! (Dan's beanie)

Leilani said...

Great pictures of Dan and the boys, and of John's knitting.

hoping to see you in May

-Matt Briel