Friday, February 5, 2010

yet another snow post

Another budding artist.
James has been very into drawing lately and says, "paper". This was the scene this morning. All three of them just hanging out at the table working on their own projects.
We're getting hit with a snow storm.
We got stocked up yesterday and have just been cozy at home with coffee and pound cake. The treadmill and I have a date later. Oy.

Hope you are having a very safe and cozy weekend where you are.


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Your chubby little budding artist is absolutely adorable! LOVE the shot of all three of them around the table being creative.

Enjoy the snow. I wish we would get some.

annemcd said...

We have the same plans for here today, too! Snow and paint.

Kelly said...

Christian, I sincerely wish I could give you some of our snow, and I dare guess Anne might too. We have about 2 feet now, and the drifts are even deeper. Looks like we're gonna be "cozy" a little longer than planned :)