Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the death of a snowman, and other notes

Here lies the remains of our dead snowman. I do not mourn him. I do not wish him back (for the remainder of this calendar year).
The robins have arrived. The snow receding. My hope for Spring renewed.
So John and Finn have discovered Transformers somehow. I suspect they've picked things up from here and there. They've never actually seen them, but between the toys they see at Target and the pictures of stuff from the Lego magazine they get, they've managed to formulate a whole story line. They made their own Transformers and will play with them for hours(John is proudly showing them off. Finn didn't want his picture taken. I stole one when he wasn't looking and then I really got it.) I'm really quite impressed.
And this baby. He looks innocent enough, no? Doesn't he have an, "I don't know what your talking about, mom?" look on his face? This is the naughtiest baby I have ever had. Daniel will confirm this. I do not think John or Finn, combined, have caused as much trouble. He is very lucky God make him so freaking cute. Lucky naughty baby.

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