Monday, March 22, 2010

two down

One to go. I finished Finn's vest last week (these are really fast to make, but finding the time to sit down and make them is my only challenge) and I'm mostly done with Jamie's. I had Finn try his on and he liked it so much he wanted to sleep in it. We argued. He won. I took it off him while he slept. He woke up the next day, came down stairs and yelled, "Hey! Where's my vest!"
I was planning on having all three boys match for Easter Sunday, but then decided that it's kind of a dark color for Easter, and I'd have to buy black pants... so hopefully I can get my other project done in time.
So I had John and Finn wear their vests to church this Sunday and they were quite the handsome pair. We hit up a park afterwards where John and Finn confronted their fear of dogs. Maybe looking so darn cute bolstered their confidence ;)


Kayleen said...

So cute! The boys are SO big!

Finn says the most hilarious things. And he has a good memory, wow.

Lisa said...