Wednesday, April 14, 2010

not my usual



broken house

broken house

Not really the usual type of photos I put up here, but there is this little house we pass on our way to church and I've always wanted to take it's picture.  Daniel and I have both been a little intrigued by it.  I like to imagine it as, at one point, a very happy cottage filled with a happy family.  You kind of wonder what happened, that such a sweet little home would fall into such a state of disrepair.  As I was about to leave, I noticed a little planter in the yard and thought, "Well, I doubt anyone would miss this." But as I was about to grab it, a black widow spider crawled across it.  That'll teach me to think about thieving.  Super creepy.

And just because we had a weekend guest that asked about my photos: I just ran these through Cross Process on  You can see the originals if you click through a picture to my flickr page.


Anna said...

Oh, I love these photos. So rich and mysterious. (Not to mention the header!) And the black widow?? Oh, shivers!

(PS--Votive? Yes! From Anthro years ago. What else do we have in common?)

Kayleen said...

I love that stone fireplace. Cool pictures. I discovered picnik way back when and I love it! I'm always tempted to get the premium version, but thus far have restrained myself. Do you have it?