Thursday, June 3, 2010

day at the beach

finn found a shell

daddy's erie bday



birthday boy


found treasure


We went up to Lake Erie the other day for Dan's birthday.  It was so great.  The weather was in the 80's, we had a well stocked cooler, and we got to spend a whole day, uninterrupted by work, with Daniel.  I think we all enjoyed his birthday as much, if not more, than Dan did.

There are more beach days in our very near future.  I can't wait. 


briana said...

Looks so nice. Its hard to imagine nice beach weather. It's been cold and rainy for so long over here. Someday.

Anna said...

Oh, yes. Beach days! Can't wait.

Charlie said...

Kelly, it's great keeping tabs on the fam through your posts. Looks like Danny had a fun birthday beach party.

Hope all is well.

Charlie Laughtland